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Image by Barthelemy Rigaud
GroMax Coconut Husk Chips Block

Coco Husk Chips Blocks

GroMax Coco Husk Chips represent diced coconut husk, offering a distinct advantage in horticultural substrates by providing heightened air porosity. This characteristic ensures unobstructed aeration and efficient drainage, making them a preferred choice in comparison to other potting blends. Notably, Coco Husk Chips take over 4 years to decompose, making them a durable and sustainable option extensively utilized in floricultural substrates.

An exemplary substitute for pine bark and similar wood barks, GroMax Coco Husk Chips stand out as a renewable resource. Their distinctive texture allows for use over an impressive 3 to 5 years, providing cultivators with significant cost savings by reducing the need for frequent repotting.

Available in various sizes, ranging from 4mm to 20mm, GroMax Coco Husk Chips cater to diverse requirements, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness in horticultural applications. Choose GroMax for sustainable and long-lasting Coco Husk Chips that elevate the performance of your substrates.


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