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Image by Hussaini Moiwala

Propagation Grow Cubes

GroMax Coco Coir Propagation Cubes are the preferred choice of seedling plant growers seeking an eco-friendly and high-quality solution for seed germination. In just 7-10 days, depending on the crop, these cubes facilitate the growth of healthy seedlings that can be seamlessly transplanted directly into GroMax Coco Grow Bags. This ensures maximum root safety and minimizes root shock during transplantation for every seedling.

Our 100% biodegradable and organic propagation cubes are a sustainable alternative, contributing to environmental preservation by replacing inorganic Rockwool that accumulates at nursery farms. The unique blend of coarse or fine coco peat and coco husk chips in our cubes is specifically designed to provide the ideal air porosity and rehydration ratio. This makes GroMax Coco Coir Propagation Cubes the perfect growing medium for young plants in the hydroponics and professional horticulture industries. Choose GroMax for an eco-friendly and effective solution to nurture your seedlings.


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