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Propagation Media

GroMax excels in providing an ideal propagating medium essential for successful plant propagation. Our products boast the crucial characteristics required for optimal growth – firmness, density, proper aeration, and freedom from weeds and pathogens. Notably, GroMax Coco Grow Bags and Coco Propagation Cubes encompass all these features, making them a preferred choice.

For various crops, GroMax facilitates the seamless transplantation of healthy seedlings directly into Coco Grow Bags, Offering a 100% biodegradable and organic solution, GroMax aims to contribute to environmental conservation by replacing inorganic Rockwool, reducing environmental impact at nursery farms.

Our eco-friendly propagation cubes feature a special blend of coarse or fine coco peat, meticulously designed to achieve the ideal air porosity and rehydration ratio. This makes them a perfect growing medium for young plants in the hydroponics and professional horticulture industry.

Introducing GroMax Coco Discs, we enhance the propagation process with efficient drainage capacity, fostering healthy root development and minimizing transplant shock. Recognizing the critical phase of raising seedlings and plant cuttings before actual transplanting, GroMax ensures that our substrates provide the utmost care for optimal growth.

Choose GroMax for plant propagation with Coco Coir Substrates, and experience the difference in efficiency and environmental responsibility in your cultivation practices.

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