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GroMax's premium coco substrate are made from high-quality coconut husks. Our products provide excellent drainage, aeration, and water retention for optimal plant growth. We offer compressed Blocks, Bricks, Slabs, Grow Bags, Grow Cubes to suit your needs. Our substrates are pH balanced, free from harmful chemicals, and 100% biodegradable. Choose GroMax for your plant cultivation needs today!

Coco Substrates

Coco Grow Bags & Cubes

Coco Mixes/Blends Options

GroMax Coarse Coco Peat
Coarse Coco Peat
GroMax Fine Coco Peat
Fine Coco Peat
GroMax Coco Husk Chips
Coco Husk Chips
GroMax Coir Fiber
Coir Fiber/Cut Fiber
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