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Image by Barthelemy Rigaud
Gromax Coco Coir Blocks

Coco Peat Blocks

GroMax Coco Peat, derived from coconut husks in the coconut coir fiber extraction process, undergoes a meticulous triple-cleansing process. This reduces sodium and Electrical Conductivity levels (EC), and adheres to the RHP Standard during aging, ensuring a weed and foreign-material-free substrate. The result is a coco peat that guarantees growers stronger root growth when used as a growth medium for plants.

Notably, GroMax is entirely peat-free, maintaining a stable pH, and stands as an eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable option. Our compressed coco peat GroMax blocks offer versatility in various forms:

- Coarse particle size
- Mix of fine/coarse particles
- Mix of coco peat/coco husk chips
- Mix of coco peat/short fiber

These diverse variants cater to the specific requirements of growers, providing options for different Re-Hydration Capacities (water absorption) and media porosity. GroMax ensures flexibility for buyers, allowing them to select the variant that precisely matches the requirements of their crops. Choose GroMax Coco Peat Blocks for a reliable and customizable solution in plant cultivation.

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