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We produce high quality cocopeat substrates & provide growing solutions to help you keep your crops healthy.


GroMax Coir Substrates specialises in manufacturing and exporting coir fibre, coir pith and growing mediums. During our 15+ years of experience, we have distinguished ourselves through long-term relationships of trust with growers worldwide.

our products, made of renewable resources like coir pith and husk chips, find pride of place all over the world - including the Netherlands, Australia, USA, Mexico and Canada.

GroMax creates
a clean & green environment

We help our customers increase their crop yields and grow more plants in a nourishing manner, thereby reducing carbon footprint


GroMax's premium coco substrate are made from high-quality coconut husks. Our products provide excellent drainage, aeration, and water retention for optimal plant growth. We offer compressed Blocks, Bricks, Slabs, Grow Bags, Grow Cubes to suit your needs. Our substrates are pH balanced, free from harmful chemicals, and 100% biodegradable. Choose GroMax for your plant cultivation needs today!


Coco Coir is a natural by-product of coconut husks and has become increasingly popular in various industries due to its versatility and sustainability. Its applications range from horticulture to animal bedding, and even as a component in eco-friendly building materials. Coco Coir's ability to retain water, promote healthy root growth, and its eco-friendly nature make it a sought-after alternative to traditional soil and other products

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Find Best Coco Product that Best Suit your Requirements

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