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Professional Floriculture

GroMax excels in crafting substrates tailored for professional floriculture, specializing in the cultivation of cut flowers and ornamental plants. Our products are meticulously designed to support young plants through every stage, from seedling to maturity, considering essential factors like pH value, soil composition, structure, and fertilization.

Coco Husk Chips, a sustainable and renewable resource, take center stage in our offerings. These chips enhance drainage, improve moisture retention, and foster robust root development, leading to healthier plants with vibrant blooms. Growers benefit from reduced costs associated with frequent repotting, making GroMax an economically savvy choice.

Our commitment to customization shines through with tailored blends of growing media, catering to the unique needs of different ornamental plants, including the delicate care required for orchids. Additionally, our multipurpose grow bags are designed to optimize space utilization, ensuring efficient and productive cultivation.

Under the right conditions facilitated by GroMax's coco coir substrates, ornamental plants flourish, showcasing attractive foliage and vibrant blooms. For those engaged in cut flower cultivation, our substrates provide a strategic advantage, offering high returns during the peak blooming season.

Choose GroMax for top-tier coco coir substrates in professional floriculture, and elevate your cultivation practices for impressive results and returns.

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Spinach Leaves


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